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            【Telecentric lens】Application scene of telecentric lens

            In: Industry information On: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 Hit: 2250

            One of the most important advantages of telecentric lenses is that the distance of the object does not affect the magnification of the image. Because the telecentric lens has the unique technical superiority, at present, in the mechanical part measurement, the plastic part measurement, the glass product and the medicine part measurement, the electronic component measurement and so on the high precision inspection demand, for the precise measurement occasion is particularly suitable.

            When to use the dual telecentric lens:

            1. When the detected object has a large thickness and more than one plane needs to be detected, typical applications include food box, beverage bottle, etc.;

            2. When the position of the object under test is uncertain and may be at a certain Angle with the lens;

            3. When the object under test jumps up and down during the process of detection, such as when the working distance changes due to the vibration of the production line;

            4. When the object under test has an aperture or a three-dimensional object;

            5. When a low distortion rate is required and the image effect brightness is almost identical;

            6. When the defects to be detected can only be detected under parallel lighting in the same direction;

            7. When the detection accuracy needs to be exceeded, such as when the allowable error is 1um.

            Telecentric lens specific application scene

            1. Measurement of mechanical parts

            The most common use of telecentric lenses is to measure precision mechanical parts. Telecentric lenses are mainly used to measure precision mechanical parts such as springs, screws, nuts and washers.

            2. Measurement of plastic parts

            Another major application of telecentric lenses is to measure rubber seals, o-rings, and plastic caps. The characteristic of the object is that it is easy to deform when moving and measuring, and the traditional measuring method is more difficult. The detection method of these parts needs to use the contactless optical measuring technology.

            3. Electronic component measurement

            Many other components (such as resistors, transistors, and integrated circuits) require a small telecentric lens to check their integrity, size, specification, position, and pin curvature, and an electronic drawing board to check the spacing between the components. Other electronics, such as transistors and IC circuits, use telecentric lenses to detect the size and location of connections, whereas circuit boards are often used to control the distance between the components.

            4. Measurement of glass products and pharmaceutical parts

            Many pharmaceutical glassware, such as vials, capsules, and tubular bottles, are generally measured using a telecentical lens to ensure complete sealing and prevent damage to the vessel. There are similar applications in the beverage industry, such as measuring the thread of a glass bottleneck. Other medical passive devices, such as syringes, also need telecentric inspection system technology.

            5. Other special USES

            Telecentric lenses can also be used in other ways, such as:

            1. Particle measurement;

            2. Printing industry high-precision color measurement;

            3. Photoresist coating measurement;

            4. Filter control;

            5. Blood analysis and cell measurement.


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