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            【Machine vision】Analysis on the current market conditions and development forecast of Machine vision industry

            In: Industry information On: Friday, October 23, 2020 Hit: 2465

            1.China is late starter in machine vision industry and is thriving at present.

            China Machine vision originates early in the 1980s. The numerous electronic and semiconductor enterprises, with production line and advanced equipment of Machine vision, have settled in Guangdong and Shanghai since 1988, with geniture of international agent and integrator for Machine vision system in domestic one after another.


            The first stage is enlightenment in 1999-2003.Chinese enterprises serve customers mainly by agent business in this stage, and guide customers for understand and acknowledge of Machine vision in the process of service, to open course of history for Machine vision in China.


            The second stage is development in 2004-2007.Local enterprise of Machine vision start to explore Research and Development for hardware and software device in Machine vision for this stage, with more core technology independently, and have achieved key breakthrough in kinds of application field.


            The third stage is High-speed development after 2008.Numerous manufacturers of Research and Development in core device for Machine vision constantly emerge in this stage, and trained constantly a large number of professional engineers, to promote high-speed quality development of Machine vision industry in domestic.  


            2.Market scale expand year by year, with nearly 30% double growth rate for annual average.


            The technology of Machine vision is more and more widely in application of industrial field since decade. With constant improvement in practice for technology of Machine vision and product in domestic, the technology of Machine vision is applied to consumer electronics, vehicle manufacturer, Photovoltaic semiconductor and so on. According to IDC data, the market scale is RMB65.50 hundred million for Machine vision in China, excluded computer visual, with growth rate of 21.77% year-on-year basis. The double growth rate is 28.36% from 2014 to 2019.

            application of computer visual


            3.The application of market scale enlarge continuously, scattered competition situation.

            According to IDC data, the market has achieved USD7.5 hundred million for visual application of China computer in 2018, and the safety of peaceful city is the most biggest application scene. The market has achieved USD1,456.4 million for visual application of China computer in 2019, market rising from field of safety, smart city etc.


            Face recognition has already presented upper popularizing rate, used for application space of authentication, however, it will bring new demand for face recognition after epidemic, e.g. park, office building etc. Computer vision is springing up in the application of traditional industry and industrial quality test & inspection. The number of enterprises, related to Machine visual, increase year after year.   


            4.More enterprise covered industry of China Machine visual, with rapid development for market of investment and financing.

            in general, considering increase for industry of skill-intensive robot in short-term, new company and team will continue to be Machine vision product, combinate directly by AI,AI technology and industrial manufacturing, its forecasted that Machine visual will continue to develop rapidly, owning high-tech and innovative visual product, in favor of capital market for enterprise with rapidly developing, what is more, with the help of capital market, obtaining more factor about rapidly developing.     


            Reported by specialized in providing Optical-solution  -  DZO Dongzheng Optical


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